Huawei P20 Lite (ANE - LX1) NO Service emergency call only NO Service Fix

Huawei P20 lite NO Service emergency call only 

Huawei P20 lite emergency calls only no service Solution after water damage

I got a Huawei P20 Lite NO service emergency call only the owner treatment phone was water damaged then he was going one repair shop after one week they returned back her phone and say this phone was not possible to fix this Huawei P20 lite. When I open phone I looked someone try to fixing it.

I checking all network sections IC all are reading normal mode. Network antenna and FR PF IC is reading normal. I was also looked at my lot of time then he has one same boat I remove charging Flex board when I put in this one working signal no service fix it like a magic is my first logic and I’m sure if you are looking same problem you couldn’t find any solution if you were looking this my post here your fix your Huawei p20 lite like my process. 

how to fix no service on huawei p20 lite?

change only Charging Flux board its working 

how to fix no service on huawei p20 lit



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